We act on behalf of our business partners in the geographic regions we have expertise and competitive advantage, to provide tailored professional products and services to specific customer groups in the target markets.

We at Shekoufa boldly put the enhancing of brand image of our business partners at the center of everything we do. We believe that ethics and compliance are essential to the trust and satisfaction of all of our stakeholders, business partners and to the pride of our employees. This is why the company provides its employees with training measures according to target groups and risks.

We have tried to create a different sort of company dedicated to serving customers with flair and fairness and committed to innovation, quality, business ethics, integrity, safe workplaces, environmental stewardship and ethical sourcing of materials as well as respect for human rights

Shekoufa believes in a culture of personal and professional integrity that, combined with clear rules and expectations, set the right framework for a sustainable and profitable growth for the company and its business partners. It is Shekoufa’s corporate culture to promote and abide by a strict business ethics and to do business, wherever we operate and whoever with do business with, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and professional standards. We expect the same attitude from our business partners, including suppliers and sales partners as well as marketing partners.

Over the time since its inception, Shekoufa has developed partnerships with an extensive network of suppliers and business partners. Our choice is obviously based on merit, quality, reputation, market demands, performance, and costs. We select our business partners including our suppliers and contractors in line with our overall strategy and benefit from the highest level of engagement, based on their local market presence and expertise, as well as their established relationship with the industry they specialized in.

At Shekoufa, we’re always interested in building new bridges with potential business partners and multinationals.

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