Shekoufa Investment Co., Ltd.


Shekoufa Investment Co., Ltd.

Group’s vision

Shekoufa Investment Co., Ltd aims to be a global and regional leader that places top priority on realizing the ultimate in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. With these aims in view, we are raising our corporate value and value-based management by strengthening our competitiveness in our core business areas and creating new synergies by expanding into other areas of strategic relevance and importance. As a corporate citizen, Shekoufa values the importance of sustainable coexisting with the society and, planning about what we can do for the well-being and welfare of people as a company, promotes various philanthropic social contribution activities.


Shekoufa at a Glance:


1. Before Shekoufa Investment Company formation, Shekoufa Clothing was an Iranian clothing importer and retailer of premium men and women’s wear. Mojtaba Shekofteh along with his business partner, Abdolazim Sadeghzadeh opened the first Shekoufa Clothing store on 2003 in Mashhad. With 17 stores nationwide, their business expanded throughout Iran. After 7 years of successful business in clothing retailing, the Shekoufa Clothing was dissolved in 2010 following the foreign currencies crisis in Iran when the shortage of foreign currencies made the import of clothing impossible.

2. Founded in 2010, Shekoufa Investment Co., Ltd., is a proudly Iranian conglomerate company and private equity investment firm headquartered in Teheran with a worldwide reach through an International network in over 7 countries around the world, committed to acquiring and building high-quality businesses in partnership with talented management teams.

3. Shekoufa Investment , Ltd., has adopted a hybrid investment model which involves not only alternative investments but traditional investments.

4. Shekoufa operates in various sectors such as banking and finance, building construction, export management services, machinery manufacturing and energy as well as fashion and clothing.

5. As an active owner, Shekoufa has built more than 5 subsidiary companies, completing approximately 7 acquisitions with a total value of approximately $300 Shekoufa is guided by an ownership culture focused on achieving strong absolute growth, with an emphasis on capital preservation.

6. Shekoufa makes direct private-equity type investments focused mainly in Iran but also abroad in the Middle East, CIS countries and South East Asia.

7. As of January 10, 2015, Shekoufa subsidiary companies have combined assets of $84.7 million, and employ approximately 400 people worldwide.


“Shekoufa” a Persian word meaning “boom” or “rapid growth”

With the goal of becoming a global corporate player trusted by worldwide customers, we are dedicated to making continuous innovations to provide superior products and services of the best and highest quality to meet customer’s needs and enhance brand loyalty.

Shekoufa’s Family of Companies:

1. Hyundai Industry Group Limited.
3. Arman Zarin Pasargad JSC (Private Joint Stock Company)
4. Shekoufa Architectural Engineering Group
5. Sharp Lorenz Limited

Shekoufa’s Operating Sectors:

2.Banking and Financial Services
3.Trading and Export Management Services
5.Clothing and Fashion
6.Vending Machineries



Shekoufa invests actively in the Iran and MENA private equity and venture capital opportunities in addition to investments in professionally managed funds nationally and internationally.

Banking & Financial Services:

Shekoufa offers a complete range of tailored advice and investment services including wealth management, investment banking and asset management services to corporates and individuals. Shekoufa’ spectrum ranges from private equity investment management to asset planning and corporate finance advice, in addition to specific wealth management services. Shekoufa provides micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs with micro-leasing and microfinance to establish and develop their businesses.


Trading and Export Management Services:

The know-how about the MENA and CIS markets as well as Iran that Shekoufa possesses can help manufactures to increase their access and presence in those markets. Shekoufa experts have the knowledge and know the ‘way of working’ in import-export industry.


Clothing & Fashion:

Shekoufa’s background in clothing and fashion dates back to 2003 when the founders of Shekoufa formed the Shekoufa Clothing Chain Stores in Iran.

Shekoufa aims to evolve from being a leading retailer of clothes in Iran into a world premium women’s wear designer and manufacturer, becoming a true alternative to the women’s clothing market.


Shekoufa specialize in designing high-performance, energy-efficient residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings, tailored to sustainability and the needs and well-being of residents. Shekoufa subsidiaries undertake architecture, construction and civil engineering.

Vending Machineries:

Shekoufa specializes in designing, manufacturing and sale of specialty vending machines for any kind of packed products to meet any specific customers’ requirements, being designed and manufactured according to the most updated technologies and standards.



Shekoufa Investment Group’s Corporate Chart


With the goal of becoming a global corporate player trusted by worldwide customers, we are dedicated to making continuous innovations to provide superior products and services of the best and highest quality to meet customer’s needs and enhance brand loyalty.

Shekoufa’s Pyramid of Management Principles and Values:

1.Creating values that surpass the customer expectations
2.Enhancing brand image of our business partners in our operational scope
3.Establishing a corporate culture that fosters self-esteem and accountability
4.Fulfilling social responsibilities nationally and internationally