Shekoufa equipps hospitals with NICU for newborn babies

Shekoufa equipps hospitals with NICU for newborn babies

As part of Shekoufa philanthropic and CSR programs in the less-privileged areas, the Company has equipped the Javadolaemeh Hospital with NICU. Newborn babies who need intensive medical attention are often admitted into a special area of the hospital called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Amirieh Student Dormitory in Mashhad

Amirieh Student Dormitory in Mashhad

Education tops the agenda of Shekoufa philanthropic programs, with this in mind, the company has built a student dormitory in Mashhad to support less-privileged female university students who come from the remote areas of Iran to Mashhad to study at universities.

Shekoufa funds and supports Happy Family Magazine

Shekoufa funds and supports Happy Family Magazine

On 2015, Shekoufa Investment Group powered and financed “HAPPY FAMILY MAGAZINE” as part of its policy to strengthen family values and personal prosperity. HAPPY FAMILY MAGAZINE is a Persian monthly magazine dedicated to help parents navigate every aspect of parenthood from pregnancy through the school years and help moms and dads raise happy, healthy kids.

Shekoufa provides interest-free loans to poor and less-privileged people

Shekoufa provides interest-free loans to poor and less-privileged people

Inspired by philanthropic values; Shekoufa build up its microfinance program based on an interest-free attitude. Shekoufa believes that poor people need variety of services and access to financial services together with capacity building is indeed one of the important components to help them to come out of poverty cycle. Shekoufa provides microentrepreneurs with financial solutions and training needed to operate and expand their businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shekoufa’s Corporate Culture is about giving back to the communities that keep our business afloat, maybe even those beyond our reach. Shekoufa believes that having a social good culture will let our employees know they are working for something that is bigger than themselves; their business is not one dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people and the environment. We are confident that what we put into the world is exactly what we’re going to get out of it.

Shekoufa encourages its employees to participate in volunteerism and giving back to the host communities.

Shekoufa’s Priority Areas: 1- Children and youth poverty allevation and Welfare 2- Education 3- Healthcare 4- Reducing divorce rate among couples through awareness and education 5- Strengthening family values 6- Social Welfare

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  2. Celani le ha misurate, ma lui stesso dice che la cosa deve essere ripetibile per diventare un fatto credibile e non un evento da prestigiatore. Siccome non si vede nessuna valida ragione per negare questa misura e inoltre viene addotta una motivazione palesemente scorretta, ci sono motivi per chiedere un chiarimento. Magari Viareggio è una buona occasione per fare queste domande….

  3. salut Saab! Je viens de commander l’album, sur y’en a encore des pas chers. J’adore! Depuis que je fréquente ce blog, ma discographie a singulièrement augmenté : the Bird and the Bee, Ane Brun, Laura Jean, Laleh… Merci mille fois pour toutes ces découvertes. Sans toi, en effet, je vois pas trop où j’aurais pu les entendre!Clara

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  6. Small countries have this Jewish mother style thing of telling themselves how successful the collective is. Even some big countries, come to think of it. Indian newspapers are full of the success stories of “Non resident Indians”.. Israeli newspapers feature Jewish wealth and fame and success like it is shared by everyone. Madoff was a source of pride for so long. There is something very parochial about it, I always think.

  7. So true! I’ve heard so many stories about authors who have been able to reach people through self-publishing who they otherwise couldn’t have.Wow! =) I had no idea! You are so creative in so many ways, Janette. =) You inspire me!

  8. Can I just say here that when the interviewing website has a name like “killerbetties”, that she might have been addressing “women” because the website was by/for women who play or are interested in video games. In other words, if my assumption is correct, then it is perfectly reasonable for Hepler to address her comments to the intended audience, ie, women. And especially when asked by “gaming women” how to get other women interested in playing videogames, she would specifically need to address “not-gaming” women….which was what she did.

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  11. , that we should examine ourselves and see if we are truly "salt and light" in our marriages. I believe that an open communication established in His Word, love and grace always expel the darts of the enemies.Blessings and love to you sister! May God continue to guide you and protect you wherever you share His Word.

  12. Hai ragione,Game of Thrones è un capolavoro! Pollici in su per il Golden Globe di Peter Dinklage! Dopo che avrai letto tutto ti aspetto per un commento alla mia recensione :)Grazie di essere passato da queste parti,chiunque tu sia!;D

  13. Railroad Co., at December term, 1858, it was adjudged that two corporations, chartered by the state of Indiana to construct and manage distinct, though connecting, railroads, had no power to consolidate themselves into one corporation, or to establish a connecting steam-boat line on the Ohio river, and therefore were not liable to be sued upon a promissory note which they had given in payment for a steam-boat.

  14. If you are employed likely you pay Fica tax …If you are in the lower brackets, you'll get all of this back and more. You'll also receive a refund tied to the Earned Income Tax Credit. So, unless you're arguing that we should get rid of Social Security and Medicare, FICA is a non-starter.

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  17. Zoals ik mijn vorige reactie naar @Marin aangeef staat het er niet expliciet (genoeg), maar bedoel ik binnen mijn voorstel dat iedere maker de looptijd van zijn copyright kan verlengen. Voor niet-succesvolle rechten is dat zelfs goedkoper dan voor succesvolle. Mijn verwachting is echter dat vele makers dat niet de moeite zullen vinden, wat een boel obstructie scheelt en meer werk sneller en automatische vrij van rechten wordt.

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  20. My street is Lexington Ave., Oyster Bay, NY. Would love nothing more than a bike path along it and every roadway in Nassau County. Thanks for the idea of getting me started on this Anonymous. Would make cycling safer, and yes, DRIVING easier. I’ll even share it with those lowly people who incredibly can’t even afford a car. Thankfully, we don’t all need to live in a glass bubble.

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  22. I checked this out hoping to see a larger (NOT toddler-sized) backpack. I have a nine to twelve year old one that is absolutely shredded from wear. I would just about kill to have it cloned in Poppy Fields.

  23. I got this one at a store on the Ithaca Commons. I sometimes see good ones in upscale toy stores. I’m wondering if Powell’s sells puzzles? I bet they do. This one is by a company called Pomegranate. Other places to look for good ones are museum shops. Last year’s was Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (it was a bear!)Let me know if you find one!

  24. Hospital pharmacy is well-paid and interesting but becoming less so as computers have taken over (a lot less face-to-face with docs and nurses and more computer drudge work). I wouldn't be a retail pharmacist under any conditions – one of my classmates did a three month internship in a retail pharmacy and was ready to cut his wrists by the time he escaped.

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  26. WOW, I haven’t made any dresses in years! I sewed my daughter a few sun dresses when she was growing up. I think I need to start on some of those for when she gives me a grand daughter……She gave me a grandson and I don’t think he would appreciate a dress,! lol

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  35. Love that Darina Allen, book there’s so many useful things in it; the no knead brown bread recipe in it is also great. Also, the reason the bread is different everytime even though you use the same brand of flour is probably down to the age of the flour, the fresher it is the less water it needs.

  36. I've been reading since I was 4, writing since 6 and nothing much has changed since then. I'm kind of schizo when reading – one part of me follows the story, the other part studies/admires how it is presented. I read most of my books several times and while the story is only new once, I learn more about writing with each reading.

  37. “… San Francisco had already been in a bubble for half a decade when the 2000s began.”Why do you believe this? If prices were in a “bubble” already in 2000, then why haven’t prices already fallen below that level?

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  44. I think Free Canada is right, but the choice of words could be different. I do not think they are bullies, rather morality specialists, who think their little group should change the world and we should sit back and take it because, lord knows they know what is best for the rest of the population. As far as the vote in the next election for Ms. Smith, most people will not remember what happened last week, let alone two or three years ago. Mentions of this will probably not come up in the campaign for re election, unless brought up by some well meaning citizens.

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  53. WOWOOWWW! AND I MISSED THE BENCH POST YESTERDAY, but I must say, that was one BEAUTIFUL POST….and this kitchen, so clean, so perfect! I hope Madrid is starting to show signs of spring dearest…we still have more snow coming!!! Anita

  54. I was just wondering when is garden girl going to post another video about her chickens? I love any and all of the CHICKEN videos. I learn so much and I love to keep learning. I am going to build the exact same thing for my chickens! thanks GG

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  56. I think that might be on the way to Cornwall, so yes, would love to come. Will add you to the map and see if I can get the mad cats to sort out a schedule. Do you have any idea of when?

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  59. What a beautiful day it was and Dad had a wonderful time! How blessed we are by our amazing children and now a precious new son, Neels! Ange – everything you planned – every tiny detail – just gorgeous precious – wonderful. Thank you – and thank you for my watch u2! WOW!

  60. Tom LangPosted on December 29, 2009 at 2:33 pmJanet, I’m sorry you took my comment about the farmers suffering to mean suffering in all areas. I was referring to suffering in terms of water sacrifice when compared to other, much larger water users. I am very aware of the suffering of the salmon industry. Surely you don’t think that merely turning off Delta pumping to a few westside farmers is enough to save the Delta ecosystem or restore the salmon fishery.

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  66. Aidan thank you for this, so inspiring. I enjoy reading blogs and came across your by accident. However, I need to make more time to read, as I sometimes read in blocks, especially when off work. Starting my own blog, is something I am always pondering and this piece has made me more at ease with the idea. So maybe one day!

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  72. Thanks, Alex! Your wife sounds like a peach — patient, but ready to wield the whip when necessary. Sheesh, sounds like I’ve been reading 50 Shades, doesn’t it? ;-). Seriously, though, here’s to lowering the drawbridge — that’s the biggest part of the battle, don’t you think?Lisa Cron´s last blog post ..Like? 0

  73. Anon 6:33 PM,I don't like trash in my field, no matter what it is.However, imbalance is a topic which needs to be addressed. Though I agree with the principle, there are places in Appalachia, which have no crime, per se, but are criminal in the fact that the breeders go unchallenged. That is criminal!

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    turning into a network of docs and users (and cannabis companies promoting their

    Rachna Singh, M.D. has moved her San Francisco clinic one hundred%
    online! In 2016, Modification 2″ lastly licensed Florida State patients the
    entry to medicinal cannabis for medical functions, thus the creation of the medical marijuana card.

    Purecann – 420 Medical Marijuana Medical doctors is a medical marijuana healthcare facility in Santa
    Cruz California performing native 420 med hashish evaluations.
    Once a Las Vegas Medical Marijuana doctor and the state approve your caregiver, they can not act as
    a caregiver for every other patients within the Nevada Medical Marijuana
    Card Program. Yelp opinions say this place is great for friendly and fast renewals, and a clean surroundings for you to go and get your paperwork
    taken care of. 342 ratings and almost 5 stars
    can’t be improper!

    If the Nevada State Well being Division has ever previously prohibited you from
    ever obtaining a Registry Identification Card. Dr. Green Relief offers
    one hundred% risk free Nevada Medical Marijuana Card
    evaluations. They have been capable of get us both set up
    with our Florida medical playing cards. We boast a staff that’s
    constructed-up of a few of the most compassionate, understanding and intelligent individuals, all of that
    are right here for use at a affected person’s disposal for questions, issues and queries to have the ability to go to the local Santa Cruz medical marijuana dispensaries We serve patients in Westside, UCSC (College of California at UC Santa Cruz), Eastside, Aptos, Capitola,
    Watsonville, Scotts Valley, San Jose, Soquel, & Salinas.

    NuggMD follows strict HIPPA compliancy standards to ensure that your information is protected and confidential, and will by no means appear on any public database or
    government record. The subcommittee will
    report to the Children, Families, Health and Human Services interim committee,
    which can draft a invoice for the 2011 Legislature based
    on the subcommittee’s suggestions. The case ought to be dropped when you can show you have got your Nevada
    Medical Marijuana Card and that you just were following the State laws.
    On prime of this you want to acquire a medical advice letter from a licensed Physician and naturally provide previous medical records proving your medical situation.

    For your convenience we offer you an choice of 420 evaluations
    on-line , so that you may be evaluated by our licensed physician from the comfort of
    your own home. If you want to download our App and see the physician, go
    the Google Play or iTunes store and seek for 420recs.
    In case you are on the lookout for the medical marijuana physician who will likely be compassionate and sympathetic to your needs and will really take heed
    to what you must say, MMJ Physician is the best choice for acquiring your medical marijuana card ( medical hashish license in San Jose
    and San Francisco ). The medical doctors working for NuggMD are
    all pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and conversant in how marijuana can treat a wide range of illnesses and issues, making the online process extremely easy for newbies in any California city,
    from San Jose and Oakland to Los Angeles and San Diego, and in every single
    place in between.

    All evaluations by our State-licensed 420Recs doctors are in full compliance with the California
    Medical Association Tips relating to medical cannabis playing cards and the State of California’s
    Telehealth laws. My eight-minute conversation with a health care
    provider over Skype, an Internet video-communication program, was unnecessarily long, Christ said.
    Step 7: Obtain your FREE session and reward together with your first Papa Ganja authorized
    marijuana order and delivery. If your application is approved, you may first receive a
    temporary printable version of your Massachusetts medical marijuana card that permits you to start making purchases at the dispensary.

    At present Dr. Inexperienced Relief Las Vegas Marijuana Docs usually are not accepting minor
    sufferers below the age of 18. We will gladly refer you
    to a physician that does. In Orange County and all of California,
    medical marijuana supply companies and stroll-in dispensaries will
    settle for your suggestion in written letter format signed by a licensed Doctor.

    The renewal process can be available on-line every year, in addition to the $seventy
    five registration price. You may face legal and civil
    penalties as well as danger being disqualified from
    the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program in the event you fail to inform the state
    of these adjustments.

    AbacaRx is a revolutionary service that
    permits you to get your medical marijuana physician session and recommendation all
    from the privateness of your own residence. Online
    Verification: Due to GreenLife’s internet architecture,
    collectives can confirm advice letters easily on-line or by way of automated telephone.

    You’ll obtain an official arduous copy by mail in a number of days.
    This letter of recommendation could have the sufferers identify,
    a verification code and a website or phone number to check
    validity. Receive The Finest Medical Marijuana Recommendations.
    The charge for a duplicate of your unique advice is $25.00.
    You have to come to the office in individual anytime during our stroll-in hours.

    You possibly can go to your family physician or different Nevada
    medical marijuana medical doctors all through the state.
    Step 4: In minutes, Skype video conference with a licensed Doctor and focus on your symptoms that
    marijuana may enable you with. How one can Confirm If a Medical Marijuana Clinic/Medical Marijuana Doctor
    Is Licensed To Practice Medicine in the State
    Of California. If an Attending Physician’s
    Assertion is just not received with the applying, the applicant is NOT LEGALLY PROTECTED under the OMMA.
    This special medical kind card allows any patient who has a
    sound written advice from a licensed MD doctor to be able to use cannabis legally.

    With each e mail support and on-line chat assist, you get an excellent quick response time.

    While this service may seem simple, it might probably also prove to be quite troublesome for
    individuals who wish to be more discreet. Underneath prop 215, a legitimate suggestion from a
    physician permits sufferers to grow 6 mature OR 12 immature plants.
    Remember that most dispensaries require the standard eight ½ x
    eleven” doctor’s suggestion to be proven upon your first
    go to, and will only settle for the handy medical marijuana ID card after your
    first go to. This kind have to be signed by the doctor inside ninety days of the application date.

    A suggestion, typically merely referred to as a rec,” (but
    in addition commonly quoted as a Prop 215 card/certification) is a
    doctor-issued transcript that is acknowledged statewide, and it is what you will need with a purpose to legally entry MMJ dispensaries and collectives.
    Medical Marijuana Renewal Los Angeles – 420 Evaluations.
    While these doctors cannot prescribe” cannabis, they’ll
    certify” or suggest” patients use medical marijuana that
    meet the criteria to be a qualifying patient.
    Your entire industry helps the residency rule, mainly as a result of each
    new business copies what the opposite one is doing,
    she mentioned.

    If that’s the case, they are able to difficulty the patient a
    recommendation that may allow them to access the medical marijuana industry
    in San Jose, and all throughout California for that matter.

    This text was delivered to you by Las Vegas ReLeaf, a
    premier Nevada medical marijuana dispensary.

    Hanya Barth, M.D. is the founder and principal doctor of Compassionate Health
    Choices. Our Compassionate Well being Choices are among the most nicely established and greatest reputed within the area.
    As soon as a health care provider approves your suggestion, you will
    obtain a PDF copy by way of email within half-hour.
    In comparison with going to a Physician’s office, this will
    prevent quite a lot of TIME and CASH!

    Yelp users haven’t requested any questions but about
    420 Evaluations. With an MMJ Herb Doctor’s Advice, you possibly can legally go to a Medical Marijuana dispensary and buy Medical Marijuana, or you
    may order delivery service from a Medical Marijuana dispensary.

    This was my first time getting my analysis and the method was very simple
    and quick! While you turn into a medical marijuana affected person with us, you’ll obtain knowledgeable marijuana suggestion letter from our MMJ Physician and a cannabis card that can will let you Legally use marijuana in California.
    Earlier this 12 months, Meadow acquired an funding from Reddit CEO and
    founder, Steve Huffman, and other mainstream tech gamers.

    Step 5: Full your HelloMD session and obtain your digital California marijuana suggestion. The physician was fabulous and
    the employees was very pleasant, I’ll recommend this clinic to many.

    It is a phenomenal function that lets you chat with a licensed medical marijuana physician from
    your own residence (or wherever you need to be). As soon as you’ve got crammed out the required
    documents and selected which bundle you need, your 420 evaluation can begin. Making use of for a medical marijuana card in Nevada obtained much easier
    in 2016. Medical marijuana use has been legal in Nevada since
    2001. Chances are you’re reading this because you’d like find the most handy, time-saving
    and inexpensive strategy to get medical marijuana.

    Registering for a cannabis card makes it simpler to look you up in the healthcare database and, once you’re in the system, your registered affected person identification quantity could be
    easily searched and verified by the California Division of Public Well being database by dispensaries
    and law enforcement. For those who or somebody you recognize has ever tried
    getting a medical marijuana advice, you know the method could be
    complicated, and sometimes even sketchy, relying on who you are coping with.
    Examine If You Qualify – Medical Cannabis Recommendation. Oh yeah, and (sometimes) net-summoned weed can be delivered to
    the doorstep now, too.

    I obtained a card through these Guys but all they did was take my cash to never
    ship me a card I wasn’t certain about the online renew anyhow effectively I guess I used to
    be right… wasted 50 bucks thanks guys. The legislation of the non-resident’s dwelling state requires
    that physicians advise sufferers that medical marijuana use might help their
    signs as a precondition to the state issuing sufferers a medical marijuana card.
    Our licensed medical doctors is not going to flip away anyone for
    an evaluation. But don’t worry, through the use of sure on-line 420 evaluations companies (we’ll
    recommend one quickly) that keeps your information totally confidential, you possibly can still achieve entry to dispensaries and protection from law enforcement,
    however under complete privacy.

    As we speak we’re proud to announce the revealing of EazeMD, our
    on demand telemedicine service that pairs licensed physicians with potential sufferers seeking access to
    medical marijuana. TIMELY: We all know you’ve gotten a busy life, so when you see
    the physician, they’re going to ensure that to get you again to your schedule.
    With our online verification system, patients will
    keep away from the inconvenience of being denied remedy
    from a dispensary or delivery service on account of lack of communication with the physician’s workplace.
    Walk-ins are all the time welcome or give us a call at (855) 440-5500 to schedule your
    evaluation today!

    Should you’re accredited, you’ll be mailed your official arduous-copy cannabis suggestion on the exact
    same day. One among our Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Medical doctors will help
    you become authorized today! You need to use your new California medical marijuana suggestion immediately.
    Advice printouts can be found the identical day. A recommendation allows you to get hold of and use
    marijuana in California only. Helped my arthritis-stricken mom safe a Physician’s Suggestion and ID Card.
    The physician should present concern to your common well
    being, and needs to be asking questions on your analysis,
    prior experience with cannabis, and when you have self-medicated
    to assist your condition previously.

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